what ever happened to manual transmissions

By Jim S.

we the public should have the option of manual or auto tranys , especially pickups and most of all diesel pickups . The new Thunderbird , what a wimpy power train . just my thoughts
I don't drive manual because of durability or fuel economy, I do so for the power and control. I can drive in a higher gear than the automatic would select when I don't need the power (so I guess yeah, I do want the economy then) and in a lower gear than the automatic would pick when I need the punch. My wife and daughter both have automatics and my skin simply crawls whenever I'm forced to put up with the crappy shift points the things select. I currently own one of the last F150's with a manual, and I'll likely buy my first non-Ford when I go to trade it in if I can't get manual on a new F150.
Paul Mickelson 11/05/2011
At the very least make it an option. Doesn't have to be the entire line but I disagree automatics are durable.
AJ Miller 10/31/2011
I just built a 93 Ford van with a 302 and manual, it would have been a lot easier if a manual option was available stock i had to custom fit all of it out of an old F-250.
Arturo Medina 10/27/2011
While manual transmissions are fun to drive, automatics are now more durable, provide equal or sometimes better fuel economy, similar performance and really are the best option for, in my opinion, most customers.
Robert Todd 10/22/2011
I wonder if the accountants at Ford don't know how to drive a manual transmission car and therefor figure nobody does so why offer it
Brad Krekelberg 10/22/2011
I agree about manuals.