We need a real truck transmission

I bought a new 2011 f250 which I was reluctant in buying due to the lack of a manual transmission. I have had my suspicions confirmed as my truck constantly during all 40,000 plus miles that I have driven it in the last 17 months kicks itself out of gear going down the road, pulling trailers, pulling out into traffic, and almost getting me and my family ran over multiple times. I love ford trucks and just want a manual transmission in my other wise wonderful truck. It is called a drivers car when a sports car has a manual but those of us who actually work a truck need a manual. An engineer or computer programmer doesn't know when I need just that little extra to keep from getting stuck or whatever pops up with their smart transmissions. Please give us our trucks back and offer a manual transmission. Ram has one if you need motivated. We need a gas burner manual as well.
John B 01/14/2014
I have to disagree with Scott M, in my area Ford has lost its number 1 spot not by a little Ram is now no.1 here. Most of the Ford owners have left and went with Ram. I ask some why and they sadly say we needed a manual which is sad because they stood by Ford through the 6.0 l problems defended Ford when many made fun of the 6.0 L then Ford let them down.
dominic p 04/20/2013
Scott M, go back to your trucks team and tell them we're not buying it. We appreciate their response to this issue, but when it's all said and done we still want our manuals. As you know, Dodge has the class exclusive manual in the heavy duty truck segment and you're truly talking heavy duty when you talk manual shift. Transport trucks are manual shift. It doesn't get any heavier duty than that, unless you get cheap and go to China to design and manufacture the transmission. Then you're talking poor drivability and poor reliability, just like the 2011 - present Mustangs. So, I would have to give Dodge Ram the edge when it comes to heavy duty trucks. The customer has spoken Ford and now it's up to if you want to be loyal to your customers or not and give us what we want. Buying a new vehicle is supposed to be an exciting experience, but my last and my next new purchase is like pulling teeth. I don't like it and if I don't like something I don't like to go there. I'm choosing Ford to be my first choice of truck and if you can't deliver then I need to make a second choice. Simple.
dominic p 04/18/2013
I agree we need a real truck transmission which is a manual shift. The transport trucks still run them and I don't understand why Ford refuses to continue to offer it anymore. Well, I think I do. It's because Ford don't sell enough manuals to make the heavy duty profits they expect. It's nice to hear from Scott Monty on this issue, but the response from the trucks team is not enough for me. I don't accept their reasoning for stopping the production of a manual shift. I understand your new automatics may provide a full manual feel, but some of us want the real thing. It would be nice Ford for you to end up listening to us and build us what we want and how we want it. It sure would make purchasing a vehicle a lot easier. If you feel it's a money loosing proposition by offering manuals again then take the hit on the transmission and profit from the sale of the truck or charge a premium for the transmission and make your full profits on the sale of the truck. You need to continue to earn your customer back and not just rely on customer loyalty because it's difficult for me to continue to be loyal to Ford who refuses to build what I need and want.
Ken B 02/09/2013
Its not fair that someone has to by a $70000 truck just to get a manual transmission. Or go buy some POS dodge
Scott M 02/06/2013
To Jesse, the originator of the idea:

Jesse, we've got a response from our trucks team for you. They say:
"We no longer offer manual transmissions in F-Series trucks because demand for manual transmissions has fallen to very low levels while at the same time we’ve improved the robustness and fuel efficiency of our automatic transmissions. For example, the 6R140 six-speed automatic transmission for F-Series Super Duty can be paired with either our 6.2L V8 gas engine or our available 6.7L V8 Power Stroke Diesel. One of its smart features is a manual shift mode that allows drivers to select the exact gear they desire, as long as they don’t go over redline. The gear select display in the instrument cluster shows the selected gear, and the transmission control system will lock the torque converter and hold that gear for a full manual transmission feel. Manual transmissions are still available for the Ford Fiesta, Focus and Fusion cars and F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks. "

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
Every car needs to have the manual option but why not use the M mode?
Jeffrey S 01/26/2013
i agree william when i buy one i will probably buy a dodge as well just because of the manual and i have been ford all my life down to my 78f250
Robert R 01/25/2013
With all of the other comments, reliablity, driver contols, etc, the biggest and formost reason is it keeps the idiots out of my truck! I think it is the best theft prevention device on the market.
Michael F 01/23/2013
Agreed. Why does my truck downshift just as I'm about to crest a hill (wasting fuel and then upshifting right away)? Because it can't see the hill, doesn't know I'm right at the top. I can see it, and I know when it should change gears.
William M 01/10/2013
Agreed 100%...and Landen, you should not have ordered your truck if you feel that way. I did the same as you did, but now I have a dodge. No its not a ford, and sometimes I cus it, but it was much much cheaper than the ford, 6000 truck for truck, option for option. Thats the only ford is going to listen...Plus we want it available for trim levels...this idea of putting it only work trucks, which are most driven by workers and not owners is silly. In my small fleet of two trucks I have autos in all of them, tow guys are hard on the trucks and they will tear up a manual cause they just dont care. But my truck I want a manual, but I drive a dodge an its an auto...cause it was very cheap. I dont like it, but wont change unless ford brings it back...
Landen S 12/30/2012
Jesse B., I whole wholeheartedly agree with you!
Landen S 12/30/2012
I just ordered a 2013 F-350 farm truck and the biggest thing that I didn't like about it was no manual transmission!!! Also, I wasn't thrilled with all the gody chrome on the nose. It looks like it had collided with a 1958 Buick, and all the Buick's chrome jumped onto the truck.....I ordered a XL to get away from it....