WAKE UP FORD!!! Ranger/F100

I know I have written a few hundred times on this subject, but I will give it one more shot..I think I talk for most of the public when I say "We Really Need a New Ford Ranger or F-100!!!." , And One that looks like it is not driven by a women that wears too much lipstick either(talking about 2012-2014 ranger models). I don't know if you guys need a white chalk board with red chalk to get my point across, but any new design would be A-lot better than what you guys have planned for your future ranger design for the 2012-2014 years. This is what I would do.. I would scrap your existing 2012-2013 designs, and focus on making a New Ranger or F-100 by blending your existing 2010-2011 Ford Ranger designs with your New designs of the F-150 Ecoboost or Lariat at least this is a Great Start. Make sure the new Ford Ranger (or F-100) has the same hood and handlebars as the 2010-2011 Ford Ranger Model...and it would be great to have a crew cab and step side model with this New Ford Ranger Package. You can also blend in the same front and back that the Ecoboost provides today. I Hope this have provided you guys with some good ideas to save the Ford Ranger, or even some new ideas to use if you Ever make the F-100 Truck. Please take my advice before it is too late, Thank you, LJD...P.S. Make sure to Add some Great Hub Caps...
Chris H 03/26/2014
Bring back the Ranger! 
Pete 02/07/2014
I will buy a chevy colorado if ford doesnt make a small truck. I need a truck to fit in my garage, get gas milage, and can manuver easily in parking lots. end of story.
Tim M 06/30/2013
Why can't you make a new 5 passenger ranger with a usable bed....... why not a cab forward design to shorten up overall length while still having adequate bed and passenger capacity?
Sirhc Y 12/29/2012
I know they were testing out the Euro Ranger in Detroit not too long ago, clad in secrecy and black drapery around the bumpers. I'm sure they see the benefits of using their new Ecoboost motors in the re-designed Rangers as opposed to using the more common diesels that come standard in the overseas configuration. Maybe the States aren't ready for diesel, but we already love the new generation of American designed Turbo-Charged aluminum engines that retain both power and efficiency. Now that they've gone that far, perhaps it's best not forget the roots that has helped their company get as far as it has - comfortable, handsome vehicle designs (like the Ranger) and reliability - the Ranger has logged in over 20 years of legendary reliability on one body frame alone, why not another 20 with a new frame and new engine for the new era they already seem so eager to push? How many potential fleet vehicles have the lost to companies such as Orkin? Don't you think they would have loved a 2.0L or even a downgraded/economized 3.7L? C'mon guys, don't get TOO far ahead of yourselves just yet...
ronnie myers 11/30/2012
i can only hope ford listens and produces the f-100 or whatever they want to call it along with a new bronco i am in the market and would buy a new ranger or f-100 tomorrow bump up the mileage to like 30 from the 27 , a 4 banger with a boost
Cal G 05/06/2012
Ford has been making and selling a 4-door full 6-passenger Ranger in Mexico, Central and South America for 15 years. It is a great econmical vehicle (exactly like the Ranger in U.S.A., but with 4-doors and seating for 6 adults).
I guess Ford figured Americans with families in the U.S.A. could afford the more expensive Explorer Sport-Trac, so forced Americans to buy only the more expensive vehicle option.
Good job (sarcasm) helping Americans, especially those with families, Ford.
Dylan 04/16/2012
Ive only ever driven a Ford Ranger and as far as im concerned thats all I will ever drive. Id rather pay 20,000$ to have my old one rebuilt than buy one of these plastic computer powered things regardless of weather it gets better mgps or not
Paul Matthews 02/17/2012
Not having a small truck is a bad idea. The people I know who do contracting for a living don't want or need an F-150, and many of them also have no desire for a van. They like having a small pick-up to throw stuff in and to haul stuff to the work site. Updating the Ranger to a new engine with some modern amenities is all it really needed.
Curtis Houck 02/14/2012
I don't know what Ford was thinking in terms of loosing Fleet sales to those that need a pickup bed but they need to change if they really believe Ranger owners will just simply switch to a Fiesta and or see the F-150 as simply being just a mere 20usd more per month as i've read.

They need a fun to drive manual shift transmission F-100 with low curb weight along with much lower MSRP along with another choice , the Courier that's avaiable in Mexico currently. Two vehicles to replace the Mazda Ranger is what i'd like to see . Both need to be fun to drive . Fun to drive , Now, is that a better idea or just the way it always needed to be but got lost up and went away with the Do Do bird as time has gone by ? Ford will need to do something starting with a manual transmission and ending with a lighter MSRP before i will be a buyer.
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
KISS... (Keep It Simple Silly) Just update the ranger: Eco Boost engine (180-225 HP & 265lbs ft Torque), DVD Navigation (The one that will fit), Disk Brakes in the Rear, improved insulation from engine and road noise.
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
I work for a company which has over 400 Rangers in their fleet. I just heard that the fleet manager flew in to Ford and was dissapointed by his visit because Ford is really pushing the new Transit Connect to take the place of the Ranger for companies to use to get the job done. I asked why Ford doesn't just put a 1.6 or 2.0 Eco Boost engine in the ranger. I just got a smile! "Because that would be to simple" Ford Don't fundamentally change America! We have people trying to do that as we've seen it has done nothing but cause heart ache for millions of Americans trying to raise their standard of living on their own, with out Government Handouts!!! You can rebuild the Ranger (I'm all for that if it remains small, and compact! Not another toyota tacoma, or Dodge Dakota. Or just give us some minor updates that would mean alot: Eco Boost Engine with a minimum of 180HP and 265lbs ft of Torque, DVD Navigation (it doesn't even need to be the new large one in the Mustang etc...), rear disc brakes, improved sound insulation from the engine and the road... Thats it! Its not rocket science. You'll attract, high volumes of customers with these simple updates!!! Keep it simple! Lower the price of the RANGER, its a small truck. Theres no reason why we cant have these updates in less than 12 months. Who is your supply chain manager? I'll take their job and get the suppliers to jump on board...
James Brija 11/09/2011
How about for drivetrain options a turbo-charged 4cyl or the new Mustang drivetrain for the Ranger. Don't drop the Ranger, Ford. I want to own one some day, and I learned to drive in a 91 Ranger... My family did lots and lots of work, all in Rangers... I know if Ford had dropped the Mustang for the Probe.. I wouldn't be a Ford fan today.
Brad Barefoot 10/19/2011
Maybe fellow Ford Shipmates the wheel has turned full circle and we will see the Ranchero stage a comeback. Imagine the Fusion front end with the appropriate rear end (think Honda Ridgeline features) with the body/frame strengthened a bit to give it a 2,500 to 3,000 lb towing capacity. One cab/interior extended with removeable jumpseats to personalize the vehicle by offering a toolbox of sorts to replace the seats. I could go on, but I'll stop with this for you guys to think about.
Greg Vanderwall 10/15/2011
Ford has a tendancy to make some stupid decisions on discontinuing vehicles. They almost tried to drop the Mustang with that crappy Probe. They dropped the Aerostar in favor of the POS Windstar and now they are dropping the Ranger. They also dropped the Gen 1 Bronco in favor of the F Series Bronco and went from first to second place behind the Blazer. Good work, keep it up Ford.
Robert Todd 10/07/2011
One more thing, has anybody noticed what the new police car looks like, a Dodge or Chevy. Why, they still want V-8 power. Ford is going to offer a hi maintenance turbo motor that the turbo is always broken
Juston Preble 10/06/2011
I agree with Robert... Chevy loves that the Big van is going. Concerning the Ranger, its a work truck, just put the 2.0EcoBoost in it so that fleet guys can have a truck that with high millage and low end torque. Most fleet guys cant get the high millage engine because it lacks the torque to haul stuff to the job site, which defeats one main purpose with going with a smaller truck... The 2.0 EcoBoost would breath new life into the ranger with just the addition of a step side single cab and you have just brought me back to my high school days when I had a Yellow Ranger Single Cab Splash loaded with the 4.0V6. The Chevy S10 SS tried hard to keep up but always lost. That new 2.0 EcoBoost with gears, limited slip, and if ford is feeling generous put rear disc brakes on the ranger. That would be a fun truck to have... with economy, and new bragging rights for the off road desert racers also...
Robert Todd 10/05/2011
I am totally with you on this. But lets look at what else Ford is dooing other than killing the Ranger. there are almost no manual transmissions available from Ford. Ford is discontinuing the most popular heavy van in the world and replacing it with somekind of euro thing. Chevy loves this one. All we can expect from Ford in the near future is a euroized Mustang, more crossovers SUVs type vehicles and more small cars. Hold on GM, your costomers will be back soon