V8 World

By Cody L.

Ford should make all of the mustangs in the line up a v8 engine. Turn the now 3.7 liter engine into a 4.0 v8 with bhp between 350bhp and 400bhp, but also keeping the MSRP under $24000. The 5.0 should get a boost of 500bhp and the boss should get 560bhp the GT500 is just fine as it is, but still no body would complain if it got an increase in horsepower. Neither Chevy or dodge offer that in their pony cars.
N. R 06/09/2012
This sounds very good but my main question is how would all this be executed? My idea for the base motor would be a high compression 4.6L 3v with a unique Dual Equal Variable Cam Timming setup using only one spark plug. Everything else, well 500+hp in an N/A GT coyote doesn't soud likely, how would that be done?