V8 RWD Sedan - Galaxie

By Josh S.

A sport sedan by Ford that is similar in size to a CTS. Powertrain: Coyote V8, 6 speed manual, rear wheel drive. Maybe bring back the Galaxie name.
brad a 01/05/2013
Agreed! GM owns Holden down there. They brought the Commodore to the US as the Pontiac G8, which was awesome! (RIP Pontiac, the only good GM division)
Neil K 01/02/2013
Zach P 01/02/2013
Well since the Galaxy (not ie) name is currently used for a European market MPV (minivan) i doubt they would use that name as it would create confusion. However Ford does sell a type of car you are referring to and it is sold in Australia. It is called the Ford Falcon, and i agree, it should be here to compete with GM's upcoming SS model.