V8 RWD Lincoln Halo Sedan

By Lee H.

I want Lincoln to produce a Continental similar to the Concept from 2002. It should be powered by a 5L Coyote V8 with Ecoboost that produces 500+hp and 500+ft/lbs TQ in top level trim with N/A 5.0 and 3.5 Ecoboost avaliable in less opulent trim levels. It should be a clean sheet design with RWD, suicide rear doors and classic 60's styling with an ultra modern slant. It doesn't need to be a CTS-v or AMG chaser. The design should be like the Rolls-Royce Ghost in execution at a fraction of the cost. Basic livery models should start at $50K with the opulently appointed bespoke "4 seaters" up to $100K. This car should spawn 2 door and SWB 4 door variants along with a halo Ford sedan like the Interceptor concept I think should be called Galaxie. Fo Mo Co can do this I know it, give us world class.
Rob 11/15/2013
This will never happen for one simple reason- it would sell like hotcakes. Ford doesn't like when cars do that apparently.
Alec s 03/17/2012
call it a cougar