Why can't you build a V8 rear wheel drive car with a Mustang engine to compete with Cadillac? Make it small and put it on a Muatang platform if you want. I'm a Ford guy and Caddys are kicking and Lincolns aren't
William M 12/28/2012
Totally agree, I have Lincoln LS with a V-8 and now they stopped making it. Rear wheel drive that's old school all the way. Love this car. Lets go Ford, get back in the game. Just because its not a sports car doesn't mean people don't want a v-8 with a positrac rear wheel drive.
Brocque T 12/20/2012
yes I agree but it needs a new rear suspension
Jim S 12/13/2012
totally agree the new Lincoln is a decent looking car but come on a big luxury car with a turbo 4 or may be a v6 . how can this even begin tto compete with the new Caddy, Mercedes, Audi etc and based on the Fusion chassis. Thought this was suppose to be the new Lincoln Motor Company, about as bad as the new Thunderbird when it came out, a decent looking car with a puny drivetrain. The new Lincoln might sell to the 70-80 yr old croud and please do something about the something about the sync system.