v8 ecoboost

Imagine if you took the 302 v8 (coyote) engine put a turobo on it and made it an ecoboost. They could put it in the superduty as a midrange engine option or put it inthe next generation of svt raptor to save some weight. Also they could make a special high performance mustang with it. if they ever made a ford gt mark II they could use it for that also since its a variable cam 4 valve it would be pretty efficient
Texican 1 08/13/2014
Since twin turbo 5.0s are making 650rwhp+ at 8# of boost, and 750rwhp/780rwtq at 11# of boost, thinking 500 is crazy. Twin turboing the 5.0 would *kill* the Hellcat in a car that weighs 500# less.
Jesse 08/18/2013
why put a diesel in a half ton? completely useless. now, 5.0 twin turbo.. Yes, anything to get rid of the 3.5L's terrible exhaust sound.
Ron C 01/07/2013
Ronni Cat i,m waiting for a f-150 eco-boost twin-turbo 5.0 v-8 coyote 500 hp 500 tq. im sure the 5.8 trinity 662 hp gt 500 motor will be an option motor in the Raptor by 2015 !!! its all very possible due to the fact that Mr. Mullaly wont be beat !!!
Benjamin Morris 05/31/2011
the 5.0 ecoboost would probably get better fuel economy than the 6.2 in the raptor
and i do think they should put a deisel in the f150 too
James Defelice 04/29/2011
why a 5 .0 ecoboost they should put in a 3.7 powerstroke diesel in it and call the f-150 a powerstroke jr.
James Defelice 04/24/2011
5.0 is not a good mpg that why they came out with a 4.6
Max Brenzel 04/22/2011
I think the B-Max will be a great car. I have a Fusion now but do not have the room to pick up larger equipment. This would fit the bill.
Dennis Murphy 04/18/2011
Just realized I managed to only read the last half of what you said - yes, awesome idea!
Dennis Murphy 04/18/2011
I bet that you see a 5.0 liter - sized ecoboost in the Super Duty, but I'd seriously doubt it would show up in the F-150 lineup due to the CAFE standards they have to meet