v8 ecoboost super duty

with the performance of the 3.5 liter being a class leader, the same technology should be applied at the 4 to 5 liter range v8 for the super duty line up. more power and efficiency. wouldn't out do the diesel engine and would be a step up from the 6.2l. and who knows maybe svt would take it a step further for the raptor......
Tom W 02/27/2014
Give me a 4-4.5L EcoBoost in the Super Duty and that will be my next new truck!
Steve Miranda 09/06/2013
Upgrading the 5.0 with Ecoboost and deleting the 6.2 is a great idea. Reduce the engine count for F150 would be good for Ford. Replace the 3.7 with the 3.2 Turbo Diesel. Add a 5.0 V6 version of the 6.7 PS for the F250. F350 would remain the monster. Add modern suspension to the F250. Lighten the F150. Better range of trucks with more power and better milage.
Dean W 03/22/2013
Great idea, the need for a more powerful base engine for the SuperDuty line would only enhance the line up. The 5.4L engine is good, but very outdated. Having an EcoBoost in a small displacement V-8 would give the SuperDuty a much needed power increase and make the EcoBoost into a more economical powerplant for the towing/RV community.
Todd 03/21/2013
Ecoboost in the Superduty is a great idea. Nothing larger than the 3.5L V6 is necessary. The turbo boost could be increased in the 3.5L to provide torque over 450 ft. lbs.