V6TT 6SP Manual Ford Fusion

Yes I'm the one that degraded and bashed on Ford 5-7 years ago for not having vehicles with turbo's. I have told you that BMW and Mercedes are going turbo crazy for a reason not because they are stupid, becuase they're smart. I thank you for listnening to my opininion and my idea.
Here is something I trully believe would be a good option only with 2013 Fusion only because of it's looks. I would never recommend this option in older Fusions because they do not have that appeal of the new one that is yet to come out.
I would really like to see a 2013 Ford Fusion in a V6 twin turbo variant and a 6 speed manual transmission. At first put this option together and go around United Stated to try to sell the idea to people and see what they really think. Make sure the price of the vehicle won't break people's wallets by not going over 35k and please I do not want to see a SHO badging for this option.
Fusion is already a hot selling vehicle, but adding more engine variants like this one, you will have a vehicle fore every customer, anywhere from a hypermiller to a "hypergaspedaller".
Brandon 02/06/2013
I agree! Ford should be taking advantage of the Nascar and other sport car enthusiast markets and provide a more robust sports engine and manual trans model for the Fusion! And while your at it add interior sport seating etc... The sporty look of the 2013 Fusion definitely lends itself to having even a 5.0 engine, especially since the base price is only a thousand less than the mustang's. There's nothing wrong with having multiple sports car models, as luxury/sports car makers have been providing just such for decades. Also if they had a Lincoln model with a similar front end but a shorter 2 door fastback sports version with all the luxury accouterments I think it would speak volumes in the luxury/sport market...
mark g 03/14/2012
that would be hot seller, something to justify a Fusion in NASCAR finally also
Kevin C 03/08/2012
I agree there should be more manual transmission options for the 2013 Fusion. I have read it will only be available on the 1.6 Ecoboost engine. In addition, I feel, since the SHO has the V-6 Ecoboost, the Fusion should have a more performance oriented model to replace the 2012 V-6 Sport model. The 2.0 Ecoboost is the top engine choice, with only 237 est. horsepower. Hopefully an ST version with an manual 6 speed , and more horsepower and torque for the 2013? Also, why isn't the 3.5 Ecoboost in the new Explorer? It only makes sense. The 2.0 Ecoboost is a dog in that vehicle due to the weight. And please, if the Expedition, and Navigator are not to be redesigned soon, get rid of those dated, gas sucking 4.6, and 5.4 V-8's, and replace them with the 5.0, 3.5 Ecoboost, and 6.2 V-8. Those two have been needing updates, or redesigns for years! And while I am on my soapbox, please give the 2013 MKZ better engine options than the Fusion, I am so sick of hearing of it referred to as a glorified Fusion. I prefer the MKZ, as, I had preferred the Zephyr over the Fusion, and Milan. It really does need to be better differentiated from the Fusion, inside and out. Besides buttons, and switchgear, there should not be any visible parts shared between the two, as this is the main problem as to why Lincoln is being snubbed as a luxury car division. I love Lincolns, and want the division to survive! Loved my Mercury Cougars too! Don't let Lincoln suffer the same fate!!
Rich Linder 02/07/2012
No manual gearbox, no Fusion for me, regardless of the kind or size of the engine. Simple enough...
David Duggan 01/29/2012
I agree! Or at least have more manual transmission options in the Fusion. Ford only offers the base model with bare options Fusion 2.5 with 6speed. It would make perfect sense to offer a sportier variant Fusion with manual transmission.
Small displacement turbo charged engines offer superior performance, power, and efficientcy over naturally aspirated engines with out a doubt... Ford has the looks and the platforms to support cross functional engines. So lets get on with it. The new 3.5 in the SHO an F-150 is great but it should also be in the explorer as well. Why is it so hard for us here in the U.S. to get ahold of the technology being used by Ford Europe and Australia?? Ever check out APV? Makes me jealous to no end. Turbo inline cylinder, 5.4 6-speed manual in the ford falcon? Turbo focus in the U.K. ? What about Ford South America? Why can't we have a Turbo 4 cylinder ranger? Diesel, in my opinion, is the way of the future. Don't believe me..... take a look at the VW jetta TDI. almost 50mpg there are lessons to be learned from whats been happening overseas in the automotive world. Hell my 7.3powerstoke Excursion has a smaller ecological impact than a Prius. I still have my original batteries. There is nothing wrong with hybrids but I would love to see a turbo diesel/ electric combo.... I can only dream.