V6 transit fwd for handcap vans

By Al W.

Come out with a v6 transit fwd because the transit is the only vehicle other than a f150 that would fit a handicap lift. but rwd can be squirrely in the winters in Iowa  
Michael H 04/17/2014
A Transit Wagon in the 130 inch wheelbase and a diesel engine with an automatic trans, plus a mid or high roof would be perfect for a handicap vehicle conversion!   Add an air suspension that can lower or raise the vehicle for using a ramp to access it or driving over large speed bumps or rough roads, remove middle seats(1 or 2 rows for wheelchair space), make the passenger front seat removable, cover the floor with a rubber flooring that is durable, and mount a ramp under the sliding door entrance, and the van would be very accessible as well as lower in price than the $60,000+ minivan conversions we have today!