V6 Fusion?

By Luke B.

There is absolutely no doubt that the 2013 Fusion is a winner. As far as design, reputation, quality and relative performance goes it is bar none. That being said, the Fusion could use a performance model.

Don't lie to us, everyone who knows anything knows the front grill was ripped from aston martin. That isnt nescesarily a bad thing, but Ford should at least provide a model that would carry on the spirit of the Aston Martin.

There should be at least one model that would be designated "sport"

slap a taurus sho engine in there with some upgraded suspension and ride control and BAM: legendary car to remembered for ages

obviously ford seems to know what they are doing at this point in time, but if you need a boost to brand spirit, here is the course of action.
Errick 10/01/2014
Just bought a 2.5 liter SE.  Should have opt'd for the ecoboost.  But I would trade this in for a V6 in a heart beat!!!!  Love the design!