v6 ecoboost in explorer

Instead of the v4 ecoboost in the ford explorer the v6 should be added to the explorer because it has more power which is needed for an suv like the explorer like i here in video about the v6 ecoboost it has the power of a v8 with the fuel economy of a v6 and the explorer used to have a v8 which would be great for returning buyers of a ford explorer who need the extra power
Dennis P 02/18/2013
Ford is forcing me to consider a competitor because they don't want to produce a vehicle with the engine package I want. I thought the job of the Marketing Department was to "attract" customers, not drive them away.
Dennis P 02/18/2013
I don't know if this is ignorance or just plain stupidity. Why Ford would not offer the V6 3.5L ECO Boost engine on the Limited and even the XLT models is beyond comprehension. Sure, you can get the I4, but not with 4WD. I'm sorry, but who in their "right" mind would want an Explorer without 4WD? Is Ford Marketing that ignorant or is there something I am missing with this availability?
Dana Farlow 09/29/2012
I'm in the same boat; I'm going to wait one more year for the V6 ecoboost in the Explorer. If Ford doesn't offer it for the 2014 year, then I'm looking at the Durango.
Bill H 08/11/2012
I will not buy an Explorer until it is offered with the 3.5 eco-boost as an option across the the whole line of models. I don't need a $45k Sport model. I need a $35k XLT with the eco-boost power! Come on Ford! I can only wait so long before I might have to look somewhere else!
Martin G 03/28/2012
I agree. I'm going to be getting a new vehicle this summer and if the Explorer doesn't have the V6 Ecoboost option I'll have no choice but to get a new Durango with the V8. The Durango needs to get the new 8 speed tranny before I would consider it so at this point neither vehicle is a contender.
Timothy McCormick 01/20/2012
I'd buy an Explorer Limited today if I could get it with the V6 ecoboost. I love all aspects of the vehicle except the power offerings, and that is a deal breaker for me. I don't understand why Ford has such an outstanding power house, and won't offer it with one of the most successful models they ever built. I intend to buy a new F150 with the ecoboost, but I need something for mama, and the Duratech doesn't do it for us, and the V4 ecoboost is a waste in my opinion....too much mass to move with small displacement. Wake up Ford!
David Grotenberg 12/30/2011
Absolutely yes. A twin turbo V6 Explorer is the SUV of my dreams.
Stan Irwin 11/29/2011
This is a big YES to the 3.5 Ecoboost, I have 2011 limited Explorer, and the 3.5 v6 does not have enough torque to move the 4500 lbs vehicle, and since the transmission up shifts so quick you have to stomp it to make it run. A friend has a Flex with Ecoboost and it runs good. The problem is the looks of the Flex is not on par with the Explorer, same chassis but no Ecoboost. It would be a winner with alot of people to have a Ecoboost in a Sport Package or as a trailer towing option.
Dave 11/18/2011
I agree. Why mess around? I am waiting for the V6 ecoboost before I purchase an explorer.