By Bob H.

Drop that Mustang bad-boy 5.0 V-8 420 horse motor into the Ford Flex Awd version and watch the bass boat people jump all over it!  Tons of room in the Flex for rods, reels, tackle boxes that can get stolen out of a pickup bed or a boat.  Comfortable ride, great visibility for backing, and a short turn radius to make things easy on any ramp.  Call this version the "FLEX SVT", or "FLEX-X".

And man, would that Awd 420 horse puppy be fun stop light to stop light on a Friday night!  Build it, and they will come!
Brandon S 02/17/2014
The Flex is an awesome ride.  If I were taking a road trip that's what I'd want to drive.  However, I wouldn't pull my Ranger boat behind it.  For that I'll stick with my F150 EcoBoost