V-6 Engine

By Ed K.

I think it's a mistake not to offer a V-6 engine in the new Fusion. At least offer it as a stand alone option, not all of us are in love with a turbo.
Michael J C 03/31/2012
Connor J, Simply stating, "turbos aren't really that bad if you take care of them" proves my point! I have had turbo cars (3) and they ARE that bad. Not one of them (turbo) has made it to 100k miles without expensive repairs and I will never own one again. I can honestly tell you that the current Ford 3.0 V6 is one of the best engines Ford has ever had. My father has been working for Ford for over 25 years and it is not uncommon for V6 engines to be completely trouble free for 200k+ miles! If you only keep your (turbo) cars for a few years you may be ok. But if you want power AND reliability over the long run then the V6 is the better choice. My Mercury Milan and Mariner (both V6s) and the best vehicles I have EVER owned!
Connor J 03/28/2012
I do like that idea, but, for some reason, i just don' think the new fusion is the right car to put a V6 in. I love turbo engines, and the 2.0L 4-cylinder is the perect engine for that car. Turbos aren't really that bad if you take care of them.
Michael J C 03/13/2012
I said the same thing a while back. Turbos are not reliable and expensive to replace. I want power and reliability. I keep my cars for ever (at least 200k miles) and tubos rarely make it to half that. Turbo problems are one of the main reasons I got rid of my VW diesels and bought two Mercuries. KEEP THE V6!