Utlize the T6 Ranger platform

By Lynn J.

I know since Falcon production is ending and that the utes are going with it. GM is bringing the Colorado for 2015 because it will make up for the lost of their utes too. You bring your global ranger over here because it will do good. It will suit people that want some utility but don't need an F-150. I see reviews for it globally saying it's a pretty reliable mid-size truck. I think it should be built here in the truck plants along with the F-150. I also, see your making a mid-size rwd truck based Suv off of the T6 platform and your calling it Everest. I think the Everest would be a great replacement for the current D4 based Explorer. If you decide to produce that over here you should just call it Explorer. I think putting the rwd back in the "Explorer" would be a great idea. The critisims with the current D4 based Explorer is that it's fwd based and doesn't have the off road capacity that it used to have. Maybe, the Cuv spot could be saved for the "Edge" since it's growing in size.
Trent L 08/02/2014
I am an American that also lives in Fiji. The Ranger with 5 cylinder 3.2 desiel is a great truck. I own the xlt version and its the best truck I have ever owned and is the perfect size. Get almost 30 mpg with it and can tow 7500 lbs and drive in almost 1 meter of water and i have done that in Nadi Fiji during flood.