using inline six cylinder diesel engines

Why Ford does not used the inline six cylinder diesel engines in the F 250 truck and larger instead of the V8 diesel engines. The inline six cylinder diesel engines get better fuel mileage and has more pulling power than V8 diesel engine and you have more room to for the mechanics to work on it.

That is Ford's motto about being the best in towing capacity and certainly you would be able to do it better.

If V8 diesel were better than inline six cylinder diesel engines, then why do you not see them in construction equipment and commercial vehicles.

Diesel engines are not made for speed but towing/ hauling.
Jason S 01/15/2014
I agree that Ford should make an inline six cylinder diesel like dodge/cummins.  Inline six's have fewer moving parts, are more reliable, easier to maintain, and would probably have higher resale value!  Also emissions is not an excuse as Dodge still puts the 6 cylinder cummins in their trucks. 
Waves N 10/02/2012
Emissions are stricter for 6cyl and 4cyl diesel engines, that is why we do not have them in the US. Even though a study was just done on how a tractor trailer with Low Sulphur diesel would have to travel 143 miles in order to create the same level of pollutants created by making one cheeseburger.