Use the "Bobcat" engine in commercial trucks

I read about an engine Ford has been experimenting with called "Bobcat" it uses small amounts of E85 directly injected in the combustion chamber, along with gasoline that is port injected in to increase octane ratings, which will in turn increase overall performance, and fuel efficiency, while also decreasing emissions. My idea is to adapt this technology to a 6.2L v8 engine used within commercial Ford vehicles, as to eliminate the need for the extra exhaust catalyst, and to compete with the high output Cummins motors. I think due to the engine's increased size, it will be able to handle the extra stress, and dissipate the heat in a much better way than the 5.0L v8 would. I think this engine would prove to be even better if the use of a larger front mounted intercooling system for the turbochargers were used, to further optimize engine cooling. Not to mention, the extra timing technologies (referring to the E85 injection timing) Ford could optimize the engine to run effortlessly with a truck body that’s been made heavier with modifications or (in the government’s case) the addition of armor.