USA Ford Fiesta Diesel 65mpg

By Bay S.

Please bring the European 65 MPG for Fiesta to USA! Please deploy this technology and build a V6 diesel Expedition with 20 city - 30 HyWy.
tony n 02/20/2014
i am reaching the end of life for my vw tdi...would love to have a ford tdi in addition to my f250 diesel truck...
Drofgnal 12/23/2013
Bring a fiesta diesel and ill run to the dealership to put one. As it is I bought a bmw 328d. My next car will be another diesel in the family to add to the bmw.  I'd like a hatchback or small SUV in diesel. A fiesta would be nice. 
John 12/06/2012
Take a look at Mazda's skyactiv diesel 2.2L inline 4 engine. 174 HP, 310 lb-ft. What if this became 3.3L V-6 or inline 6?
Drew G 12/01/2012
This is a great idea - I currently drive a VW TDI and won't even consider buying from Ford again until I can buy diesel. The performance and economy is great with diesel.
Chris W 11/29/2012
Given the new MPG standards that are supposed to be met in the USA over the next decade I'm sure it'll happen - the question is "When?". Hopefully Ford jumps at the chance to get into the market early!