US - RS Cosworth

By Dan W.

I wish Ford had come out with a US version of the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. I love the look and performance of this car. I think an updated version would do very well in the states if promoted properly. Just look at the Subaru Impreza, I see them everywhere. People love cars with performance and handling. I know that Ford tried in the past with the Merkur XR4Ti but is should have been badged as a Ford , not a name that know one had ever heard of. If Ford would have brought the Ford Escort RS Cosworth to the US, I think Subaru would have lost in that market because only FORD IS BUILT FORD TOUGH.
lucas r 08/28/2013
As a Subaru WRX STI owner and a previous Focus SVT owner I can tell you that I for sure would swap back to a Focus if Ford only gave the vehicle the proper power and handling it deserves for us here in the U.S.A.
David G 10/04/2012
I like you're idea. being someone who follows who cars, I obviously know who Cosworth is. Or should I say Cosy? But does the average American? IMHO, I think for marketing reasons since Cosworth is a British company and well know there, sell (which you did) the Cosworth there.

BUT, there is no reason that the Ford US could have just dropped the Cosy name and used RS SV/SVT.

Also, it took Subaru a WHILE to gain recognition in this country in the small sport segment. It wan't untill the late 1990's whe they started to win (World Rally Championships) that the impreza started to gain popularity, especially the "STI" and the various STI-special editions.

Ford has entered WRT, so if they stick with it, and hopefully win, I still believe , win on Sunday, buy on Monday. I also believe it take s a bit of time to get people warmed up to guy an expensive, yet small car.

The Exchanged rate could have have also had something to do with it no being offered here?