US product availability

By Dave F.

I rented a Ford focus wagon in Italy with the diesel engine and 5 sp manual transmission and I absolutely LOVED it. This car was a perfect set up and yet this combination is not available in the US. Why would Ford not offer products in the US market that are available elsewhere. This car would be a hit for long commuters like me. I got 47 MPG! I didn't want to turn it in. I want one!
Tyler Dunlap 06/24/2011
I have commented on this subject before and mentioned about how Ford most likely doesn't think it makes the business case, but I forgot to add something. The domestics also don't want to put forth the effort to meed the much MUCH higher American emissions standards. It is not impossible as VW has done that with their 2.0 TDI so I really think it is time for them to bring us one and just see what happens.
Brad Krekelberg 05/26/2011
I have a friend who takes a yearly trip to Europe and is also currently a Focus owner who would love nothing better than a turbo diesel Focus. And I believe wagons have been essentially "gone" from the US market long enough that they are seen more now as lifestyle vehicles than grocery-getters.
Brian Langston 05/26/2011
The man that is over Ford Global said that diesels would not be offered in the U.S. They think that we all want hybrids and turbo 4bangers. The only turbo I want is a diesel turbo. (or maybe the 3.5 ecoboost in my 2000 AWD Explorer) I would love to see the fuel efficient diesels here in America, but I don't think Ford will bring it. We will have to drive an import to get a diesel!