upgrading the ford focus

Dear Ford Engineer's, My idea is for the Ford Focus. I have e-mailed your company a couple of times over the last two years, asking for you to add all wheel drive/ or four wheel drive on demand when needed. I don't know why you haven't engineered this feature; But here again please do. I will be in the market next year. I am currently in an 1995 Escort, and you will remember how small they where. I fit perfectly in the Focus. I live in Alaska and need the option of four wheel drive. Also if you need to upgrade the engine go for it!
Thank You,
Johnette H 06/25/2014
I moved to North Dakota and need All Wheel Drive to deal with the ice and snow, but I don't want a big crazy Suv. I only buy American, specifically Ford, and there aren't any options.
Daniel Y 08/09/2013
yes Europe has the focus all wheel drive i believe and we need that ....in fact i agree with Jabez lets just stick with rear wheel drive/all wheel
Jabez H 08/08/2013
Bring out a rear wheel drive manuel version, with tons of horsepower.