Upgrade vice New

Rather than follow the historical car business practice of designing new versions of car models and losing money on a design, why not just offer upgrades? Big picture: promote customers spending their money on the vehicle they have vice trying to get them to buy a new one every 5 years.

It would be great to get some luxury version of seating for my 2004 F-150 with memory foam and a 5-point harness (or something) instead of buying the newest model F-150 just to get the seat (hypothetically speaking).

Car companies are letting other businesses rule the aftermarket/upgrade/customization market when the customers could be getting factory-engineered products. I, and many other people, want to keep the truck I have rather than buying a new one; so I'd like to spend my money on it (which is paid off) and not incur a new debt and monthly payment of a new truck.