Upgrade the Engines of Crown Vic , Grand Marquise and Towncar

i hope you to upgrade the Crown Victoria, Marquise and Towncar engines . i mean give it the same engine of mustang OR change it from 225HP to at least 350HP and from 4.6L to at least 5.0L . And think carfully about the Arab Gulf Countries, couse these 3 cars are the most common there . And really it is have to upgrade . And I believe in the Ford Motor Company's ability .

Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully :
Alyaman Alouf
Erik Stern 09/15/2011
Yes there is need for one, Ford is making a HUGE mistake by letting the Panther platform go to the wayside.
Edward Irelan 01/20/2011
The Grand Marquis won't be around anymore since Mercury is shutting down and the Crown Victoria/Lincoln Town Car are ending production so there is no need for an engine upgrade.