Two stroke in a modern world

With today's advanced fuel timing system's I wonder if we can do more. Two version's, gas and diesel/propane. 

You are the engine experts so I'll leave the calculations up to you. The theory is to spend less time wasted on turning the crank shaft. Obviously we are not talking about your typical two stroke engine. We need a sealed crank case, and a very good fuel delivery system. We also need an efficient valve train. Have you ever considered a sleeve valve design? Again, your the experts, I'm just thinking out of the box. 

With the diesel version I would suggest using an alternative fuel source. Noting America's coming surplus and the fact that it acts as a catylist in diesel combustion. This idea may be effective even in your current four stroke diesel. Good job by the way, reverse flow design to eliminate turbo lag. Gosh you guys are smart. So what can you do with my idea's?