turbo diesel small truck

i think ford should release a turbo diesel small ranger like truck in the usa i think that there a large demand for a vehicle of this type at least in my neck of the woods. please ford i will without question purchase a great mileage small turbo diesel truck i recently traded in my ranger for a vw tdi because the ranger gets crap mpgs i miss my small truck thought. so usefull just way too expensive for a daily driver compared to what is out there i love ford and the ranger but turbo diesel is the way of the future and the first manufacture to release a vehicle as i have described they will make a killing/sell like hotcakes hope someone else agrees with me thanks.
John S 02/02/2013
Well said Brian.
brad a 01/05/2013
Me too! I need my diesel F250 for my camper, but not for daily use. A diesel crew cab Ranger would be great and most likely top 30 mpg, double my F250 (which is lifted, lower geared, and has huge bumpers, but I tow my 18,000 lb camper with it!)
James B 01/02/2013
need the 5 cyl diesel in the F150, Expedition and Navigator bring it on keep me in a ford
Jordan D 12/31/2012
Chevy will be releasing one in '13 or '14. Come on Ford don't make me buy a Bow Tie!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian H 12/28/2012
Unfortunately this has been posted over and over again, Ford doesn't listen to this site, if you sort by popularity you will notice hundreds of pleas for this vehicle, but all we get is a CMax Hybrid with the (albeit cool) foot trunk popper. If you want a diesel truck, you can go anywhere else in the world and get a Hilux Diesel and it will probably be the last truck you will buy (as in it's that good).

If anyone wants a look at the ranger in other countries just check out the international versions of the ford site. I'm convinced the worlds largest market for automobiles is shrinking because of the lack of diversity in product here.

Ford, the ball is in your court, might want to start asking people who are leaving your cars and trucks, not just the people who are buying new ones.
Omer H 12/28/2012
This has been on my wish list for years. I will still need my F-250, but there times when less truck would be a better fit. The F-250 got me hooked on diesel.
Jordan D 12/26/2012
I agree with OP, I would be the first in line to purchase a turbo diesel mid size pick-up truck.