Turbo AWD small car

Ford has been winning in WRC for some time now, yet we are not able to buy a Focus or a Fiesta with a WRC inspired build. How many Subaru WRX's and Lancer Evo's does the American public have to buy before an American company will wake up and realize that what the young performance minded buyers want is a Turbocharged 4 cylender that makes roughly 300 hp/Torque and has an intelligent AWD System that keeps the car planted.

FORD - you have already been building cars like this for decades (Cosworth Focus, RS200, WRC Focus, WRC Fiesta, etc) we want something like this on the street...

GIVE IT TO US, or we will be forced to keep buying Subaru's and Lancers
Nathan W 10/31/2014
I didn't think Ford would ever offer a Fiesta ST type vehicle in the States, but I'm thrilled to be driving one today.
Prove me wrong again Ford and offer an AWD Turbo Manual Fiesta!
jonathan M 01/07/2014
I agree make a focus awd with the cosworth 2.3. it doesnt even have to have a turbo that is an engine with 280 bhp stock can you imagine how many tuners would love to get their hands on a car with that kind of potential.
John S 04/17/2013
I love this idea but honestly. Build a compact AWD Platform (AKA AWD Rally Focus) that can be positioned like the Subaru Impreza and sell in significant volumes( margins)but then strong enough to handle a turbo in a more performance variant and you have a winning combination.
James N 03/15/2013
Seriously, how hard is it for a car make that brought us the Ford GT, the Cosworth Focus, and the RS200 to give us something that can compete with Subaru and Mitsubishi, I dont want to bring up the war but I dont want to buy a car from a company that also made the ZERO Fighter ... If McDonald Douglas made rally cars I would be all over it ... but ford has been in the Rally World for so long, they have done pretty well compared to other manufacturers (have actually won more WRC Championships than Mitsubishi, not sure about Subaru) but come on guys ... STIMULATE THE AMERICAN ECONOMY ... RELEASE A CAR WE WANT TO BUY
Brandon W 02/06/2013
I have a friend that has for a long time lusted after one of those Mitsubishi Evo pos. If FoMoCo would bring to the American public an ecoboost powered AWD compact I could convince him American auto makers still do it the right way. I know you guys can do it better than Subaru and Mitsubishi.