Tuning of the Focus DSG

By Brad K.

I am a long-time manual-trans driver who regrettably decided to settle for a Focus with the DSG so I could have other features I had become accustomed to on previous cars such as heated leather seats and automatic temp control. I was also really tempted by MyFord, etc. I really like everything about the car except the way the DSG operates in automatic mode. When leaving from a stop or making a turn in traffic, it upshifts so soon that you need to almost floor it to keep up with traffic. Sure upshifting soon is good for mileage, but having to floor it and downshift usually one-too-many gears can't be good for mileage can it? It's so reluctant to downshift, it feels much slower than it probably is. Someone else on here even called it dangerous, and i would have to agree. And Sport Mode isn't much better. And shifting manually is and awkward thing to have to decide to do when you're moving along with traffic and you come to a hill or the speed limit goes up. You have to stop paying attention to the road, look down, move the shifter, push the button, etc, and by this time you've fallen behind. Either that or floor it and waste a bunch of gas. Most of the car magazines have said it, and I agree. This thing needs work.
Donald Bolling 08/19/2011
Brad K is absolutely right. The way Ford engineers programmed this DSG negatively affects drivability. At the very least , this very smooth engine should be allowed to shift nearer it's HP/torque RPM peak with the gear selector in the "S" mode. I want to buy this car but I will wait to see if Ford responds to all the constructive criticism.