truck transmission choices

Bring back the manual transmission for the superduty series

Give a true towing range by either a two speed rear axle or an intermediate overdrive between the transmission or axle. This could be a standard or optional package. Use of a 4.30 to a 4.88 rear end with the effective overdrive of the 3.55 axle for economy.
William M 01/10/2013
Truck "people" love to drive and use our trucks for all sorts of things, from weekends in the mud or pulling the boat, right down to plan and simple hard work. Most of us can not afford two or more vehicles, so we have a crewcab truck, that we need for work purposes. That same truck doubles as our "car" to take the family out or to kids ball games and birthday partys. That same truck "triples" (for many of us) as our sports car...Ford you know this is true as there are so many performance and modification products for these trucks. Well many of us want a manual trans because we enjoy the driving experience. We like to feel the truck pull in each gear, we feel like we have more control (which we do) when we have a manual trans. That silly manual mode you have is not what we mean. Please ford bring it back, and when you do, make it available for all trim levels...especially king ranch. Many king ranch editions are owned by individuals and not companies or fleets...individual guys (many of us) want the manual. It gives us the control and desired driving experience we want. I for one will not buy another ford until you bring it back. If I have to purchase something I really do not want, I will just buy the least expensive one, and thats the Dodge as you already know.
Jessi L 07/25/2012
Those of us that know about this (I didn't until today) need to make it a wider known issue. Surely, if Ford takes competition and customer service seriously, they can see how detrimental this is to their business. I know plenty of individuals, and have seen tons on these forums that would rather go to a different brand than drive an automatic. Ford is losing lifelong and generational customers because of this, and it doesn't need to.
Johnny O 07/10/2012
Listen to us on this Ford! Manual transmission option!!!
Kevin G 07/05/2012
AHMEN!! That aoutomatic doesn't know how big that hill is in front of me and almost never shifts at the right time. I sometimes find my self shifting my automatic transmission, just so I don't get the multiple high/low shifts going up one hill on a road I travel on regularly. Besides, manuals are sooo much more fun to drive. I'll take a handshaker over a neck popper anytime.
Warren P 07/01/2012
I agree! I've driven everything from race cars to 18 wheelers and I know that i can shift better than any automatic. Give the buyers a real manual option.
Steve 06/24/2012
Yep agree with above, Has anyone noticed the problems they are having with the 2011 & 12 Superduty Transmissions? No thanks I will keep my 6 Speed Hand Shaker until either Ford reintroduces it or go with Dodge. My 02 7.3 has been a great truck but is starting to get a little long in tooth and eventually it will have to be replaced. Please don't make me drive a Dodge!
Megan N 06/22/2012
I am with you - I hate automatic so am keeping my old truck for now