Triton V10

I think that Ford should start putting the triton v10 back into the 250 and 350 superduty. If they were to do that it would probably boost sales because I know people who have 4 2006 350's which they swear by and love. They would love to get newer ones because all of their trucks have at least 300k miles on them. One modification that could be done to attempt and hel mileage would be to put a turbo on the engine
Brett D 10/18/2013
I currently own a 2006, f-250 v10. So I figured it was time to order a new one from the factory as I did in 2006. So my son and I got online and started to build our new truck. Then realized no option for v10, I stopped, game over, no new truck! I'll keep my 2006 until it falls apart. Come to think of it, Ford used to build a 7.3L diesel which was bullet proof and they discontinued that as well. I love my Triton v10 and would purchase another if given the opportunity.
CornHolio 05/22/2013
So... , I own a '99 V-10 and I think the world of it. I can't even start to number the problems with the Diesel. Sure, once you worm it up, and get used to the loud noise and the higher prices for fuel and hope you don't have to back off and sit on it for awhile., your diesel might pull a bit more. But the V-10 has guts and will pull when it's suppose to, all the time!