By John M.

Please bring back manual transmissions for diesel engined 250SD's.
Robert R 04/08/2013
bring back the manual transmissions, I need a new diesel truck and don't want to be forced to buy a Dodge.
dominic p 03/22/2013
Great idea!!! Dodge has the class exclusive with this idea. However, if Ford decides to get back into the game P-L-L-E-E-E-A-A-A-S-S-E Ford do it right. You designed and built the Mustang manual transmission (MT82) in China with poor results in more ways than one. Design and build a new QUALITY manual transmission for the 250SD's and F-150's within the American/Canadian market where these trucks are sold. I watched the Japanese take the car market and what I saw was that the cars being produce by the Japanese companies were better built and more reliable than the other brands. They were also building their vehicles on American/Canadian soil. I do believe that the biggest factor was their business philosophy which was something like, build a good car and that person will tell their family, friends and neighbours.Then they buy one and tell their family, friends and neighbours, and so on, and so on...(CUSTOMER SATISFACTION) What's the Big Three's philosophy? Sell a car that will break so the customer comes back and spends more money and then after 5 years have the vehicle self destruct so that he/she comes back to buy another vehicle. (CORPORATE PROFITS)