Transit Connect Titanium Wagon Manual

By Brad K.

While I would much rather have a 7 passenger Grand C-Max, Focus wagon or Fusion (Mondeo) wagon, I do appreciate that Ford is putting effort into offering a competitive minivan again. The Transit Connect has a Euro-cool to it that no one else offers. Guys, you need to take it to the next level. Europeans like manuals. And Americans do too. Offer the 1.6L EcoBoost with the 6-speed manual you already offer in the Fusion. PLEASE. I'm still on the fence about taking a good, hard look at the Transit Connect, as opposed to waiting on the Grand C-Max or looking elsewhere. The Mazda 5 with its manual is looking pretty attractive about now as my family is about to expand. I bleed Ford blue! Don't make me consider another brand!
Brad B 10/19/2013
Hey Ford !  Gee, I wish people would write in about having say a Focus Wagon or a Fusion/Mondeao Wagon or even maybe a Grand C-Max.  As Bill Engvail sez .... seeeeeeee.  There is a demand for the humble wagon.  Brad K (Gee another Brad) hasn't seen the Toureno Courier yet.  As a C-Max owner I'm into small cars.  Would love to park a Tourneo Courier or a Focus Wagon next to Herbie (my C-Max) for our horse farm needs.  As a survivor of an encounter with a drunk driver we don't trailer our horses, but still have farm related needs.  I'm leaning towards a SWB Transit Connect with the lo-roof-line in more of a base model when they become available, but if I could have my rathers ... a Grand C-Max or Focus Estate Wagon.