Transit Connect Extended Wheelbase

By Gary S.

I own a mobile locksmith service. Currently, I run my service calls out of my 2004 E150. I really like the size of the cargo area in this van but the fuel economy and handling could be better. The information I have read about the Transit Connect would appear to rectify the issues I am having with handling and fuel economy. However, the Transit Connect has a cargo area that is too small and would limit the amount of inventory and tools that are required to run my mobile locksmith business. If Ford would produce an extended version of the Transit Connect, I would seriously consider buying one. I would recommend extending it at least two feet but three feet would be even better. Thank you for your consideration.

Mark Hosmer 03/21/2012
That was my first thought when I saw the TC. Short is ok, but give us an option! I used to have a '61 Corvair Greenbrier Van and it had 10 ft of space behind the seat! And with only 110 hp, it still did OK.