Trak Pak for the little guy

You stumbled onto something great with the Track Pak for the Mustang, so how how for his little brother the Focus.

Strip out the MySync to make the car simpler and to make it lighter. In addition, use aluminum for the hood and fenders while keeping the partial leather Recaro's for interior comfort. Replace the existing oil temp, boost and oil pressure guages with 360 sweeping guages. Source Brembo's for improved braking and a Torsen Diff for power application out of corners and source lighter wheels from Enkie or BBS in the same 18x8. Lastly, revise the programming to remove the overboost and maintain a higher sustained boost pressure of say 18psi and to help it breathe add a Ford Racing exhaust.

With all those changes the car would certainly be a track drivers dream, but the key is getting weight out.