Torque Flight (yeah I know it isn't Ford but read)

So I owned a V6 mustang automatic.  The transmission could handle a lot of torque, ok but.  I was watching a video the other day with what was called a torque flight transmission.  This guy in the video pulled the gear selector all the way back, did a huge burn out and took off.  Sure the car is not as fast as new cars that the big 3 make now.  But it was awesome.  This is is what people want to DO with an automatic in a performance vehicle.

I saw the videos of the new features in the GT, the line lock.  Cool and all but people want to do more with their automatic.  And I had a friend of mine that said he could show me how to shift an automatic like a manual, but the automatic in the mustangs was clearly not designed for that and you could ruin the longevity of the transmission by doing what people call "neutral drops" or using it as a "sport mode" transmission.

The last Thunderbird had a selectable automatic, tiptronic or whatever you want to call it.  Sorry guys but the only way I can explain this is by using brand names from other manufacturers.   I don't know what Ford calls their stuff.  I think that if you made it so you had old 70s style to the automatic gear selector as well as functionality, it will catch on big time.  Most people don't want an automatic the way it is currently done at Ford right now, that is why they are often scoffed at.  Good transmission but doesn't offer enough features for sport.