Tire automatically fills !

The system would use a mini air compressor highly potent that fill the tires when it is low calibration, the benefit would be fuel economy. The compressor would be connected with the electronic system that makes the car's tire pressure monitoring. ALL AUTOMATICALLY !
Bill A 11/14/2013
It would literally save millions of gallons of fuel a year. Underinflated tires are the most common cause of poor gas mileage, not to mention excess tire wear. Great Idea. cmon Ford - it's not future technology......it's been available for years. Make it happen. 
Alexander Abutov 01/17/2012
Consider the idea of optional install on F150 (and may be on the other Ford vehicles) the proper and fully functional and under hood mountained air compressor for all tire inflation (including spare tire). After starting of ignition system will check tire pressure and not only alarm driver about low pressure level but also automatically adds air into the all tires enough to go. It will sufficiently help in automatically maintain proper air pressure and as consequents: proper and longer tire life, lower fuel consumption, preventing dramatic road incidents, automatically or under driver control pressure adjusting for different cargo loads (ex, unloaded or heavy loaded truck) and conditions (ex, special pressure for the off road tires) and so on. It's all about efficiency, safety, helping driver and so on. It will not have the serious cost, but can bring the good effects.