Thunderbird SHO

Hi I have always been a FORD MAN so I've owned many,from 65 Mustangs to my favorite 1986 Thunderbird,after doing some performance upgrades( MAF,hotter cam,headers etc...) I repainted it with a SHO theme,you just can't believe how many people came up to me saying they didn't know Ford made a SHO thunderbird! SO it might be something you can look into,the luxury part of a T Bird with the heart of a Cobra,or your new Eco-Tec twin turbo engine,now they are really impressive,old guys like me enjoy the luxury part,BUT we still love that feel and sound of performance,I think you could sell them like hot cakes,I know the new T-Birds have not been as popular as the old ones,but remember 1955-56-and 57? they were the coolest performance car from Ford to date.
At least from my standpoint,it would give the Mercury Marauder a run for the best luxury/performance car that many people would be glad to be seen in.well thanks for listening.Sincerly Don Power