Ford needs to make a 2 door version of the Fusion or Taurus, change the front and rear facias a bit to make it look a little more "distinctive" and call it a Thunderbird.
Jim Mezel 10/03/2014
Personally, I would rather see the plush Mustang be called Cougar just as it was before only this time not a Mercury. Bring back the Thunderbird as a Corvette fighter more refined than the original Cobra an more like the GT40.
Phil H 03/19/2014
Never, the Thunderbird can only be brought back as a RWD and a V6 or V8.
jack mathis 02/23/2014
it really sadden me when you did away with the t-bird. it was one of fords true icons. it was fords original sports car with class and should be kept that way, jack mathis
Philip S 02/11/2014
I believe that Ford should bring back the Thunderbird, but as a
larger, more luxurious version of the 2015 Mustang.  It should
also have an ultimate performance version to compete against
the Cadillac CTS Coupe or the BMW M6. 
I agree that the thunderbird should return but I say give it its own platform with rwd and a high output v6 or a v8.