theremoelectric generation

need to get back to the basics. it is very hard to transfer nearly 100 percent of engery all at once. if this werent true we wouldnt need coolant or an exhaust. the energy from the fuel would just be transfered to vertical motion of the piston. since this is not the case and everyone is looking for ways to be efficient we need to step back and look at the engine and relize what we have. turbos are awesome cause they utilize something we are trying to get rid of anyway. why have we not used the cooling system. everyone knows that heat is a sign of energy. the increase in temperature is directly proportional to the increase of kninetic energy. we also know energy can only be transfered. why not use the cooling system as a power supply instead of throwing the energy away. most people know what a ktype theremocouple is. why not use what we already know to extract some of that wasted energy in the cooling system. during start up let the alternator work but once things get warmed up shut that thing off cause we have our own powerplant via the cooling system. simple solutions like this that work are what we need to utilize untill someone reinvents the wheel. and there are plenty i honestly think this would be way more practicle that strapping solar panels on a roof and the gains are obvious. imagine if a serpentine belt only had to route around a altenator and that only ran when the engine was cold. imagine the fuel savings and power increase. electric water pump electric steering pump elctric oil pump no idler pulleys it would be really easy to replace a vbelt. please in some way utilize the cooling system whether it be by thermoelectric generation or turbine or whatever but untill we do we are throwing away alot of energy that could easily be used one more time. think about why turbos are such a cool idea
John D 05/05/2013
Wow i feel unoriginal I made the same idea. I think mine was a bit shorter :)