The past

By Leo I.

I wish Ford would consider bringing back the Torino fastback from the 70's.
I know Ford has always had the Mustang just like Chevy has always had the Corvette;
however look at what the Camaro did for Chevy, or what the Challenger did for Dodge.
Its something new but yet wears the badge of coolness from the past.
Please consider it, most of the ground work has already been done by Chevy and Dodge with the Camaro, and Challenger.
It cant be denied they are all over the streets.
Please show them up with a cool Torino Fastback with a monster engine that would not only rival but blow away the competition...
Remember the 7 famous words.
avery c 07/05/2013
i plan on buying a mustang GT but if they remade the Torino there is no doubt i would buy that instead. the best time for them to bring it back would have been when the movie grand torino was out but something new to the ford lineup would be a warm welcome! it worked for chevy, it worked for dodge, it will work for ford. the only problem is that it would need to be different from the mustang is some way. maybe make it a 4 door to compete with the charger and chevy SS. there is no money in having 2 2 door muscle cars in one lineup. when chevy and dodge started making challengers and camaros again its because they didnt have a 2 door muscle car in the lineup at the time. remember that.
art h 06/24/2013
Smashing idea.
I also would love to see a new style Torino