The Next Mustang

I was browsing reddit recently, and on their cars forum there was a picture of the stunning new Falcon FPV from Australia. And it got me to thinking, since Ford is revamping the mustang's design in a couple years, why not go for a Falcon look? A slightly shorter wheelbase, make it a coupe, and don't forget the rumbling Coyote 5.0!
I also agree. I bought a 2013 GT this year and have been taking it to the test and tune at Bandimere every week. Everyone there loves this body style. Since ford put the 5.0 in the GT the Camaros and Challengers don't show up very much anymore (unless they're modified). They just can’t compete.
well give in a shorter wheel base with like an automaic adujustible suspension using air ride technology maby use a bigger super charger widen the gear ratios and give it like a slick lade back sporty look close to the way the v12 vantage look
Tom W 09/18/2012
Patrick - I agree 1000% - I am so worried ford will make a new Mustang II and kill off the Mustang as a muscle car - turn it into euro trash car
Patrick C 09/10/2012
Shawn, you are on the right track with re-designing the Mustang but since we are approaching it's 50th anniversary, how about making it look exactly like the 1965 Mustang only it will have the technology and safety standards of today. Now that would be a beautiful car!