the new rangers for 2013

i would put a 4 cycle 2.3 gas engine with a turbo or 4.0 v6 supercharged call it the ranger sc with all wheel drive , or a 3.7 power stroke diesel 4 cycle with 250 hp getting 50 miles a gallon plus a big tank in it 30 gallon tank so u can go 1400 miles on a fillup , a x cab daully look or a 4 door daully look , make a 6 speed tran for it for all the people want a mpg for the rangers i got a good tv commerial ideas for the new trucks and cars . thats 9 ideas there
james d 12/13/2013
bring back the ford Ranger.
craig 08/30/2013
I am ready to but now! I want that ranger, bring it home ford! stop making us drool! support your loyal ford followers!
Robert B 02/19/2013
I'm not buying another ford product until I can buy a new ford RANGER.
And I'm not buying a Japanese made vehicle.
ranger ricky 05/22/2012
A FX 4 V-6 Eco Boost Ranger , a dream come true! Ford today,Ford tomorrow,Ford forever.
Brian Spiller 05/26/2011
The Australian "New" Ranger looks sweet, but is currently limited by choices of gas engines. Though I hope one of the diesels will be used state-side. Also the Falcon Ute is probably being kicked around. With Amerrica's (city dwellers) the Ute could have some appeal with cargo bed and low-profile. The inline 6 has inherent advatages of v6 engines, but will probably be lost on most.
The Ranger must not be too carefyl about running over base v6 F150 market. The smaller size of the Ranger will have its appeal.
The biggest problem for Ford is timing. If they don't decide on their strategy soon, they'll be left open to a serious lost opportunity.
Thomas Artman 05/14/2011
The 4.0L V6 currently available stinks. The 2.0L EcoBoost runs circles around it on a mere fraction of the fuel. The EcoBoost would be the upgrade, and the base model could use the existing 2.5L currently available on the Fusion and Escape. That would crush the competition in hauling, towing and fuel efficiency.
Dale Thomas 04/30/2011
How about a small pichup with an european FORD diesel engine getting40-50 mpg? They have the technology.
James Defelice 04/25/2011
i seen it would be better with 3.5 v6 ford rangers
Robert Todd 04/25/2011
On yhe topic of Rangers or no more Rangers, the 2.3 I4 is starting to get the attention of light aircraft builders. Can Ford share some of the engineering that went into the Boeing program?
Mauricio Mendoza 04/23/2011
I have two Rangers at my stable and both have been in service for more than 10 years in my family . In 10 year more I going to buy two Rangers again, so I expect than Ford will have good options to offer us ... for its loyal customers in the good and bad times.
Donald Gonci 04/23/2011
I have an 02 Ranger and love it but waiting for another Ranger to emerge with some fresh brush strokes. Hard for me to imagine that Ford put this vehicle on the back burner. I need and this country needs a great small American made small pickup truck for lighter duty. Please have a Ford person contact me from the central office contact me by Email. Regards, D. Gonci