The new ranger

Watching the "Rolling Thunder" series on Power Block TV has some real good ideas. First is to strengthen the frame but also to give it a good coat of paint that is used on the truck bed. They showed this on another show. Then moving the front axel forward to give the truck a better weight distribution.  Beef up the suspenion for better handleing- for Chicago winter ( as also Detriot) can be a handful. They put in a high performance engine- which is the only thing I would change. I would drop a stronger or more powerful engine for towing than performance. I would then take the shifter off the column and install on the hump- like the sport trac adrenillin model. Real bucket seats with storage. A touch panel screen for the sound sysem/tracking device. Power windows, seat, locks- and a remote start- rear view mirrors with both long & short distance. Finally have an option of spot lights on one or both sides. Those come in handy for the winter months. Oh and also a FX4 lift kit option, moon roof. That is all I have for now.
CHARLES B 01/17/2014
I would love to see a new slightly larger Ranger with the Ecoboost or even better a turbo diesel. Something that looks like the Super Chief would be awsome.