The new boss 302

I have a few collector muscle cars and remember riding in the real 1970 boss 429 as well as a 70 Boss 302. i also drove a 70 Hemi Superbird. The Boss 429 pulled sugnificatly harder than the Bird"s Hemi at 100+ mph. Oh, the memories. I digress, I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the new Camaro until i actually went and looked at them. What a disappointment! I was also very disappointed with the new Dodge Challenger. Both the Camaro and the Challenger do not represent a muscle car! They missed the entire concept. Stripes and a luxury interior do not make a muscle car! it is impossible to order either of these with No air conditioning, no electrical windows or radio delete. A Real MUSCLE car has none of these features. I beg Ford to make a real Boss mustang, big power 302 Coyote engine, six speed, heavy duty suspension and rear end, (can you say 9 inch ford) with bare essential items. I will not have a six disc cd/i-pod, nav system, six peaker stereo in a muscle car. I know older guys that are REAL car guys know what i am talking about, please no more poser muscle cars. I hope as a die hard muscle car guy, i will not be dissapointed, we will see.
Edward Irelan 01/20/2011
A new era 5.0L LX sounds great to me.....sign me up! 5.0L with all the go fast goods of a GT without all the gizmos you don't need to go fast. For a luck few you can buy the FR500CJ but at 50 units a year and a 100K price tag it is kinda hard to get one. Not to mention they aren't street legal.
Greg 01/18/2011
Hey man, if you don't want modern conveniences in your muscle car, take them out! The beauty of a modern 'Stang is that it performs great, looks good, is efficient, handles well, and has modern safety and convenience features.
matthew 01/10/2011
you are so right about this that is not a mustang i own a 67 shelby gt 550kr and the thing has over 300,000 miles all stock and i still race it every saturday