The Mustang was meant to be practical

I know you've heard it but please consider this. The mustang appeals to many, that is perhaps it's greatest accomplishment. Its great to maintain an original idea but let's not let the old way keep us from revolutionizing the new. 

To offer all wheel drive is to suggest this car can be driven in the snow. That is one thing people avoid when purchasing their young college student a vehicle. It also helps safety, because loss of traction can put you in a wall. It allows for a wider variety of tires. We don't need them to be staggered. 

Get out front where they cannot catch you. By this I mean we have plenty of HP but we need it to be transferred to the ground. By combining the Mustang's incredible power and the unbeatable traction of awd in all conditions you would have the ultimate package. 

Your the car experts, even if the 2015 Mustang is still 2wd I'll still love you. If it's light weight and has massive power, I might even buy one. Thanks Ford!