The ideal vehicle

By Ted C.

Ford comes closest but still misses the mark. Like many Americans, I live in a suburban neighborhood with my family. I need a vehicle wide enough to fit 3 kids in the second row, short enough in wheelbase to maneuver my trailer in and out of my driveway in narrow streets, and powerful enough to pull said trailer over mountain passes. If possible I would like a short bed too.
I like the new Explorer (would like it even more in a Sport- Trac with the existing wheelbase) but it at 5k towing capacity it is a little light on duty. The old Sport Trac was a good idea too but inverted (I need wide and short not narrow and long). Currently I am making do with a 2000 Ford Expedition and mounting a cargo platform on the hitch receiver when I need a to haul gas cans etc. that I don’t want in the truck. Although this solution works for now, my range is limited by the lousy MPG and small gas tank. The dimensions of the Expedition are perfect though so even a new model Expedition with an EcoBoost or preferably a 6 cylinder diesel would work.