The Ford Gt

I know that this is not a new idea, but as a huge Ford fan I hate to see GM and Chrysler competing in a class that Ford simply does not offer anymore. Chrysler has the Viper and GM has the Corvette and I, along with many others, really want Ford to get back in the super car competition. I know it is something that the people at Ford already realize, but I think that Ford needs to bring the Gt back with a vengeance. Make something that will blow the Corvette and Viper away while continuing to be more technologically advanced as Ford is becoming more green. The Corvette and Viper both still rely on massive displacement and other methods that have been around forever. And it would be amazing to see Ford come out with a twin turbo v6 hybrid or something along those lines that would blow the competitors away and do so in a more civilized manner. The Ford Gt was and still is an amazing car and I, along with thousands of others truly hope that Ford will bring the Gt back and put Ford back on top in the American supercar category, the truck category, and the sports car category.

Thanks for reading, Jonathan Cave