The design of ford super smart.

By Jude A.

What if the design of ford super smart has the shape of a shovel where the front,hood or the  bournet's width is wider than the back,behind or trunk or the middle section. That is like having the ford charger or ford anything hood or front section and then you attach or hook it up to a smart car body structure Behind it. you can use these design on a one, two seater sedan or an suvTo achieve fuel efficiency.this mean that it will wiegh less and have good air dynamic. If if this structure is use in suv it mean that it will have less roll ability  compare to other SUVs.
Jude A 03/13/2014
it going to have a three will just like elio too.
Jude A 03/12/2014
this design can be used to to design an elio like 3 seater but it a ford super smart.