Terrain Management Enhancement

On 2011+ Explorers, the driver can shift into either 1st or 2nd gear from a standstill via the Selectshift automatic transmission, but allowing the car's transmission to be shifted into 3rd or 4th gear from a standstill would be very useful for those with 4wd. A "Lock Diff" button (for locking the rear wheels into 50/50 front/rear split while the vehicle is in 4wd) would allow drivers to turn their "Passive 4wd" Explorer into an "Active 4wd" Explorer to free themselves from a sticky situation a "passive 4wd" can't get them out of. Heavier duty cooling for the clutch (or clutches) would likely be required for this.

This could actually act as a kind of "MacGyver- like" 4wd low.
Tod B 12/24/2012
Good idea, I agree completely! Alternately, an off-road performance model would be awesome!!!