Taurus Styling - bring inline with other offerings

Recently auto manufacturers have been triming the size of their larger sedans while keeping the wheel base and interior space consistent with previous models. Looking at the Taurus, specifically the SHO model, it's performance and interior numbers compete directly with cars like the BMW 535i, Mercedes-Benz E550, or the Infiniti M45, however it just feels larger and less sport refined. I propose finding a way to pull 7-10% off the overall length to make the Taurus look inline with current competitors.
T Craig-P71CV 09/23/2011
You want to make the Taurus smaller? in my personal opinion I think the Taurus is too small as it is (I'm a big car fan). Any smaller and it might as well be a Fusion. The Taurus has replaced the Crown Victoria as Ford's full size sedan, so it can't get any smaller, plus it's going to be the next generation Police Interceptor as well, so the police can't be patroling around in small cars. While I'm not a huge fan of the Taurus it's really not that a bad of a car and has great performance and is pretty safe and reliable. What I'd like to see is a V8 option added to it, plus move the rear licence plate from the bumper to the trunk lid as the rear end of the car looks silly with the plate hanging that low on the car.